Twice a week carb cutback can lead to weight loss

          If you can’t find the strength to stick to your rigid diet all week long, you’re bound to hear some good news. It’s because British researchers found out that women who cut back carbohydrates for two days and eat normally for the rest of the week lost an average of 9 pounds. This is bigger than their 5 pounds average weight loss findings about women who stick with the 1500 calorie diet every day of the week. The study implies that you can opt to cut down carb and calorie intake during just two days Continue Reading →

Carbohydrate-rich foods can trigger Food Addiction

            A study suggests that carb addition can be indeed real. Researchers at Boston’s Children Hospital conducted their research by observing the brains of men who consumed carbohydrate-rich foods. They found out that these men experience blood sugar rush followed by a sudden crash which typically lasts for hours.           This surge in the blood’s sugar level activated a strong hunger signal that stimulated a specific brain region that is responsible for managing addiction. Prior to this, there are only psychological reasons to attribute carbohydrates with food addiction. With this line Continue Reading →

Getting Started on a Low Carb Diet

In the previous posts, we’ve tackled some important points about carbohydrates and their role in our body. Carbohydrates have gained a unpleasant reputation today but they actually are needed by the body. We all just need to eat them in moderation since an oversupply can mean additional pounds. So now, you’ve probably decided to cut or regulate your carb intake. This post is about how you can start eating healthy and the initial steps you can take to be able to follow a low carb diet. 1. Know more about this diet Information can easily be acquired in this day Continue Reading →

Foods with the Highest Carbohydrates Content

          Despite popular opinion, carbohydrates are not all that bad. They are necessary for human development, blood clotting and other immune system processes. Lack of carbohydrates can result to issues on the aforementioned systems but this is unlikely. In this age, it’s more likely that we consume more carbohydrates than what our body needs. When this happens, we are more susceptible to diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. Thus, extreme caution and conscious effort should be placed on what we take into our body. For this post, we’d like to share to you Continue Reading →

Understanding Carbohydrates

                        The term ‘carbohydrates’ and ‘carbs’ are often misunderstood terms usually discussed within the context of losing weight and healthy eating. Most people think that they don’t need carbohydrates on their body and so they exert a big effort to avoid it all together. Eating food rich in carbohydrates, as with all things in life, has its advantages and disadvantages. We share below our take on carbohydrates, what they do on our body and their role in weight reduction.           Carbohydrates are essential for our Continue Reading →