Low Carb Substitutes to High Carb Foods

If you plan on starting on a diet, one of the most difficult challenge for you is to give up on foods that you’ve always eaten before. But fret not as I will share to you one way to work around high carb foods without missing out all the fun. Our simple solution- to switch high carb foods with low carb alternatives which can do just as well to satisfy your cravings. Here are some possible low carb substitutes for high carb foods. 1. Cauliflower for Potatoes Among the list of foods containing high carbohydrates, potatoes are one of the Continue Reading →

Study suggests high carb diet drastically damages the brain

           If you ask my friends and family for my favourite food, they will surely say that I love any rendition of pesto pasta. Since I discovered this dish when I was in junior high, I’ve been in the lookout for the best pesto pasta in our city and in the whole of United States. But when I started a new diet plan, I had to limit pesto pastas from my diet. I can’t totally eliminate it since I don’t want to feel so deprived that losing weight becomes a bothersome chore. In this post, I Continue Reading →

High-Carb intake for infants related to obesity and weight gain

Results in a recently concluded study suggest that consumption of high calorie foods by infants have a direct effect to long term weight gain and obesity. The researchers at University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences came up with the conclusion that babies can be less likely to be obese when they grow old if given solid foods later. But before you completely believe this research, it is well worthy to note that the research was done on laboratory animals and not on human babies. The research though holds its ground and was published this month in the Continue Reading →