Easy Ways to Cut Carb Cravings

Without a doubt, carbohydrates belong on a whole different level of foods that people can’t help but overeat. French fries, chocolates, pizza slices, pastas, coffee drinks, bread and pastries are only a few examples of high carbohydrate foods that can cause obesity and other weight related issues. According to a study, these foods combined with fat and salt affect a person’s nervous system just like what cocaine does to the brain. So for this week, I thought I could help you (and myself as well) in looking for ways on how we can cut back on carb cravings to effectively manage our weight and consequently our health.

Get Enough Sleep

Doctors, dieticians and fitness trainers all agree that sleeping is one of the most often overlooked cause of obesity and cardiovascular diseases. When you fail to get enough sleep, your body copes by releasing hormones which affects your hunger and food satisfaction. The result is that you tend to overeat more compared when you’ve received a good night’s sleep. Moreover, another reason is that the brain tends to interpret the body’s signal for fatigue and hunger similarly. So to cut carbs, cut back on late nights

Eat Frequently

The reason why most experts tend to advice against strenuous diet plans is that the body can possibly bounce back worse. What’s ideal is to eat frequently small amounts of food throughout the day. Eating snacks at least every four hours also help maintain the body’s energy level, metabolism and keeps the body’s performance consistent.

Exercise regularly

Eating carbohydrates is such a rewarding and ‘feel good’ experience for many. This is not without scientific reason. According to studies, eating carbohydrates causes a temporary increase in the person’s serotonin which has a calming  and anxiety-reducing effect on the body. And so when you attempt to cut back on carbs, you kind of feel bad. This is what happens. To counter this, do rounds of low to moderate intensity exercise everyday on the other hand, releases endorphins on the body. Endorphins improve one’s mood just like what serotonin does to the body.

Avoid high carb diet for breakfasts

Experts say that starting your day with a heavy dose of carbohydrates from foods like cereals, waffles, pancakes and bagels is a sure way of getting yourself programmed to overeat later in the day. Apparently, these foods give you a quick boost of energy after which you’ll experience a crash followed by an intense craving for carbs.

Eat protein instead

If you need to fill yourself up, opt for foods rich in protein. Protein takes time to digest and dissolve making you feel fuller and satisfied for long. In addition, protein helps a person be alert and focused which keeps the blood sugar and energy levels at bay.

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