Study suggests high carb diet drastically damages the brain

           If you ask my friends and family for my favourite food, they will surely say that I love any rendition of pesto pasta. Since I discovered this dish when I was in junior high, I’ve been in the lookout for the best pesto pasta in our city and in the whole of United States. But when I started a new diet plan, I had to limit pesto pastas from my diet. I can’t totally eliminate it since I don’t want to feel so deprived that losing weight becomes a bothersome chore. In this post, I would like to share a new study that suggests that aside from gaining weight, a high carbohydrate diet can also result in brain damage.

          Dr. Luis Aronne, an expert in matters related to obesity, shares that people who constantly complain that they’re not losing weight despite their rigorous workout can be true. Reports found out that eating a high carb diet can generate longterm brain damage. Brain as we all know is the body’s central processing unit which sends out orders to the parts of the body for our everyday functions.  

          Dr. Luis Aronne said that the habit of excessive eating of fattening foods such as pastas, breads, dairy products, and etc. has been proven to affect the hypothalamus, the part of the brain in charge of metabolism. Thus, the body’s hormones are drastically affected and people still feel hungry despite already eating a meal’s worth of carbs and calories.

          The specific description of the damage to the brain sounds scary even for me who doesn’t know much about the science. From the report, we gathered that fattening foods cause inflammatory cells to go into the hypothalamus. This causes an overload in the neurons which in turn produces neurological damage. Dr. Aronne, who heads the Weight Comprehensive Weight Control Program at New York Presbyterian Hospital/ Weill Cornell Medical Center, points out that the defect in leptin and ghrelin, both of which are appetite-regulating hormones, are directly attributed to years of bad diet. Problems in leptin and ghrelin hormone are responsible for overeating even when the stomach has had it full.

          Thankfully, this problem has a solution. The damage to the brain can be prevented or if already existing, can be treated by eating a diet free of fats, processed foods and simple carbs. The weight management expert stresses that there is no single formula to prevent brain damage occurring because of high carb diet. Any type of diet is acceptable as long as it’s low in fat, calories and carbs. Dr. Aronne also pointed out that a gradual change in diet is more preferable and more sustainable as years of bad diet cannot be treated overnight. 

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