Possible reasons why Low Carb Diet doesn’t work for you

Image courtesy of USDA sourced from Wikipedia

Image courtesy of USDA sourced from Wikipedia

A lot of people are motivated to cut back on carbohydrates because they blame it for their weight problems. That is within reason since high carbohydrate consumption, especially of those foods high in Glycemic Index, has been proven to lead to obesity. Meanwhile, low carb diets have been proven effective for weight loss but just like any other diet, some people can experience differently. If you’ve tried a low carb diet and have problems seeing the results, below are some reasons which can possibly explain why.

You’re losing fat and you don’t realize it

If you weigh yourself every day like me, you should set yourself to be not disappointed whenever the scale shows no improvement. Weight loss is not linear and it’s natural to see a big drop in lost weight the first week and none on the succeeding week. You shouldn’t discouraged and you shouldn’t stop working out or engaging in a diet because of this.

Also, losing fat does not necessarily translate into the scale. If you’re doing resistance and strength moves, especially targeted to tone down the muscles, you can gain weight as you’re building muscles. And building muscles is also beneficial for losing weight as muscles help you burn more calories even if you’re doing nothing. We recommend that you also use a measuring tape to record your progress aside from just relying on weighing scales.

You’re not cutting enough carbs

As mentioned in the previous point, weight loss is not linear and there often comes a time when you’re weight will plateau despite your consistent diet or exercise efforts. When this happens, it means that you’ve already loss some weight and your body requires you to exert more effort to lose them. If this happens, you have to cut back on carbs even further, let’s say by 50 or 100 grams, for better weight loss results.

You’re stressed most of the time

The sad thing is diet and exercise are not the only factors needed for successful weight loss program. Stress can prevent your body from functioning at its best which can limit the calories lost during a workout. In addition, when a person is too much stressed, he or she has elevated levels of the hormone cortisol in the body. This hormone is responsible for our cravings and food satisfaction. If you can’t help but be stressed, whether it be due to the nature of your work or not, try to perform some relaxation and deep breathing techniques to counter stress.

You’re not sleeping enough

Aside from stress, sleep is another thing that’s important for a person’s overall health. Not getting enough make one person feel tired and hence, more likely to overeat. If you’re not getting enough sleep, this may be the reason why you can’t shed off that excess pounds. 

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