Easy Ways to Cut Carb Cravings

Without a doubt, carbohydrates belong on a whole different level of foods that people can’t help but overeat. French fries, chocolates, pizza slices, pastas, coffee drinks, bread and pastries are only a few examples of high carbohydrate foods that can cause obesity and other weight related issues. According to a study, these foods combined with fat and salt affect a person’s nervous system just like what cocaine does to the brain. So for this week, I thought I could help you (and myself as well) in looking for ways on how we can cut back on carb cravings to effectively Continue Reading →

Understanding Carbohydrates

                        The term ‘carbohydrates’ and ‘carbs’ are often misunderstood terms usually discussed within the context of losing weight and healthy eating. Most people think that they don’t need carbohydrates on their body and so they exert a big effort to avoid it all together. Eating food rich in carbohydrates, as with all things in life, has its advantages and disadvantages. We share below our take on carbohydrates, what they do on our body and their role in weight reduction.           Carbohydrates are essential for our Continue Reading →

iPhone version 4.1

We fixed a few issues in version 4.0 and are waiting for Apple to approve the release. – Fixed weight chart crash. Some customers have sent feedback to us saying that the chart option under Weight tab closes the app. We have fixed this issue. – Fixed sync issues. For customers outside the US, sync should work now with this release. – Updating daily carb goals updates the values in the Overview tab. In the previous release, the updates were visible when the app was launched the next time.

iPhone app Version 4.0 has been approved

We submitted version 4.0 to Apple last week and it is ready for release. We change the user interface to have new icons. We like the new ones as they are more colorful and indicate the actions better. The app can now sync data (two-way) to our website www.carbscontrol.com. This allows the app to share data with multiple devices. Changes made to the app in an iPhone can be seen in an iPad. Also, this allows the app data to be restored to a new device. We are working on an Android update and will soon release it. The food Continue Reading →

Android App 2.1 released

CarbsControl carb counting app for Android version 2.1 is now available for download at Google Play Store and Amazon App Store. We have made user interface improvements to the app. We added new icons and rearranged the Overview tab for easy viewing of meal carb totals and net carb values. We updated the food database and made the food searches faster. There is a new weight tracking module with charts to track your progress.