iPhone app Version 4.0 has been approved

We submitted version 4.0 to Apple last week and it is ready for release. We change the user interface to have new icons. We like the new ones as they are more colorful and indicate the actions better. The app can now sync data (two-way) to our website www.carbscontrol.com. This allows the app to share data with multiple devices. Changes made to the app in an iPhone can be seen in an iPad. Also, this allows the app data to be restored to a new device. We are working on an Android update and will soon release it. The food Continue Reading →

Android App 2.1 released

CarbsControl carb counting app for Android version 2.1 is now available for download at Google Play Store and Amazon App Store. We have made user interface improvements to the app. We added new icons and rearranged the Overview tab for easy viewing of meal carb totals and net carb values. We updated the food database and made the food searches faster. There is a new weight tracking module with charts to track your progress.

Version 2.4 released

The app has been updated with the following features: Overview tab has Weekly & Monthly view apart from Daily views Search within Favorite Food List and Recent Food List Servings and Date fields are all buttons for easy access to change dates and serving sizes Search within Restaurant Menus and Brand lists Meal time is preset depending on time of day

CarbsControl iPhone App

CarbsControl by Coheso, Inc. is a Carb counter iPhone application with nutritional information for over 80,000 foods and details from 300 restaurants and 500 specific brands. This App works great with the Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, the Zone Diet, Protein Power Lifeplan, Go Lower Diet, and other low-carb plans. It’s also helpful for those trying to lose weight or maintain their current weight by cutting back extra carb calories. This App helps you stick to your carb goals even when eating out. Works on iPhone, iPad and iTouch. Features of the CarbsControl Carb Counter App: Carbohydrate and other nutrition details for over 80,000 foods, 500 specific Continue Reading →