iPhone and iPad

Make carb counting a breeze with our iPhone and iPad app. One of the best rated on the market, it shows you how many carbs you have had by meal and by day.

Carbs or Net Carbs

Whether your focus is Total Carbohydrates or Net Carbs, this app has you covered.


Overview page showing Carb and Net Carb totals

iPhone Carb Counter screenshot - Overview page

Daily logbook with details

iPhone Carb Counter screenshot - Daily Logbook

Food Details

iPhone Carb Counter screenshot - Food Details

Weight trend chart

iPhone Carb Counter screenshot - Weight Chart

Restaurant Nutrition List

iPhone Carb Counter screenshot - Restaurant List

Plus, when you buy our iPhone or iPad app, you can access your data online for free!



CarbsControl is available for Android Phones in Google Play Store and in Amazon Kindle Store.

Overview details screen

Carbscontrol Android Screenshot - Overview

Nutrition tab options

Carbscontrol Android Screenshot - Nutrition tab

Nutrition information

Carbscontrol Android Screenshot - Nutrition information

Weight tracking

Carbscontrol Android Screenshot - Weight tracking

Download CarbsControl app for Android Phones

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